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Strengthen your team

  • We are glad to subcontract a part of youк development works, to enhance your team with our specialists, to work in close technological integrity with your managers, developers and other specialists. We are ready to sign NDA and follow its requirements.

Non-typical projects

  • Our specialty is complicated and non-typical projects with not completely clear initial requirements which can change in the implementation course.

Time & Material

  • With our work model the customer pays only for actual time consumed by our specialists for the projects. Payment is made on monthly basis upon the works performed.

Personal Manager

  • If necessary we provide a personal manager to collect and formalize the requirements as well as a designer to complete small tasks.


  • development with such frameworks as Yii, Zend etc.
  • integration with third party services and solutions
  • work with DBMS SQL/NoSQL
  • architectural design and high-load works
  • development of Bitrix solutions


  • with much data
  • with complicated business logic
  • with high traffic
  • which are constantly growing
  • with high architectural complexity


PHP5  •  PHP7  •  Ansible  •  Laravel  •  Lumen  •  Docker  •  HHVM  •  MySQL  •  PostgreSQL  •  MongoDB  •  RabbitMQ  •  Yii2  •  Bitrix  •  Kohana  •  Symfony  •  Redis  •  Memcached  •  Sphinx Search  •  PHPUnit  •  Codeception  •  AWS  •  Yandex.Tank  •  Loadsophia  •  Vagrant  •  Apache  •  Nginx


  • CarPrice

    The largest Russian service for used car buy-out.

    We develop the project together with the customer's developers.

    code and architecture design to withstand high loads;
    interaction with AMQPs (RabbitMQ);
    interaction via WebSocket;
    multiple data-flow processing;
    rest API for the mobile application.
  • Mikhailovsky Theatre of St. Petersburg

    One of the largest opera and ballet theatre in Russia.

    The project is developed from scratch. Architecture planning, project development and integration.

    data integration and synchronization with the ticket office;
    payment gates integration;
    intranet portal implementation;
    optimization for high loads.
  • ZdravCity

    The large-scale healthcare project uniting the pharmacies all over Russia.

    The project is developed from scratch and integrated with the customer's inner ERP-system on the basis of Oracle solutions. At the moment our team provides support and development of the service.

    the website activity is directly related to the customer's business-processes;
    optimized online-search on the companies' and partners' warehouses regarding the prices geotagging, stock and other factors;
    rest API for the mobile application.
  • Freelance marketplace Dizkon

    The sister project of the Russian largest freelance marketplace Fl.ru, aimed for designers and illustrators.

    The project is developed from scratch on the basis of the customer's engine FL.ru.

    development of the portal functions on Zend Framework and PostgreSQL basis;
    implementation of the system of auto-payment and money distribution upon the contests results;
    optimization for high loads.
  • Real Estate Bulletin

    The largest real estate media-holding in Saint Petersburg.

    The project is developed from scratch together with the customer's programmers.

    architectural design on the basis of YII Framework 2.0, SOA and a "fat" client principles;
    use of jsonb storage for Postgres with the content-based retrieval with gin-indices;
    unit and functional testing on the project.



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We lead PHP development and popularization in the region.

Our events feature unofficial IT atmosphere and the experts are ready to communicate.

Those who have already shared their experience:
Dmitry Stogov (Zend), the author of PHP7
Yegor Rogov (Postgres Professional)
Paul Luzanov (Postgres Professional)
Valentin Bartenev (Nginx)
Dmitry Emanov (Firebird)
Alexander Chistyakov (Git in Sky)


One of our priorities is training both employees and young specialists – undergraduates and graduates.

The technical director assists in the course of lint and provides the solutions to all working issues for each employee helping to the progress and professional growth.

We help to close the gap between basic knowledge and real work.


Comfort, concern about people and great mood is the motto of Mediasoft's corporate life.

We like and promote sports. We play ping pong, laser tag and participate the City Volleyball Competitions. We have great corporate parties in the best places in the city.

We celebrate jollily the birthdays in the office and on picnics.


50 professional developers in our team have years of experience in projects of any difficulty.